Board Members

Home Owners Association

The Knightsbridge Homeowners Association is a non-profit incorporated association whose sole purpose is "to promote and maintain" the quality of life in Knightsbridge for the benefit of all who live here. The association, through its elected 7-member Board of Directors, is actively involved in any issues that may affect our neighborhood as a whole.

Membership in the association is mandatory and the annual dues are used to support our shared amenities and operating expenses.  Every February the Homeowners elect 7 Board of Directors to represent us. Our Board of Directors are then responsible to make the important decisions that affect our neighborhood. The Board of Directors are volunteers and are not paid for their time and efforts, they deserve a pat on the back from all Knightsbridge homeowners. 

Board Of Directors 

Contact us the Board of Directors. 

  • Bill Johnsen - President 
  • Leslie Patterson - Vice President
  • Joanne Vastine- Secretary
  • David Work - Treasurer  
  • Jennifer McCluskey - Board Member at Large
  • Lynda Docherty- Board Member at Large